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Public Entry.
Please post Anonymous
Basically you are the judges.
Please  leave me comments regarding my graphic work.
From Cricical criticism to kind words.  Whatever you want to say
about my graphics.
 I will not be hurt by anything you say.

I am only leaving this up till Friday, then deleting this so people don't take my things without letting me know.
Juicy Couture; "A smart girl...."

Chris Daughtry

My photoshop started acting up, so I will add more when my photoshop stops being stupid on me.
I'm a pretty huge fan of him, and I hope a few of you are.  More will be added, so no worries there :)
Chris Daughtry-
Pictures from: daughtrypictures.com
Juicy Couture; "A smart girl...."

Affilates/ sister sites


This community is currently looking for affilates (sister sites).
If you are interested, please leave a comment here with your name as well as the community you would
like me to add into the userinfo.  You must add us first! 

Just comment here & I'll more than likely say yes.  It must be a graphic related site/community.
Juicy Couture; "A smart girl...."

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Members Only!
I am only accepting people who I've known around livejournal for a long time. If you do not get accepted it's because A) I don't like you. B) You have had troubles in other communitys. If you have been referred to this community, please let me know who by:) Please make sure you read the rules in the userinfo & understand them before you join

Please read the userinfo.